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Users Flow Contains Unlikely Pattern

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I'm seeing an issue in the Users Flow section of my Google Analytics dashboard.

When I look at the Users Flow, it looks like the report is telling me that a (relatively) large cohort of traffic is all taking the same exact path. However, this path isn't very easy to get to (the pages are in the same navigation section but they aren't next to each other, and there aren't any links from these pages to the others). In the screen capture below I've underlined the three pages in red. 


GA BUG.jpeg






















Has anyone seen anything like this? Is it REALLY possible that this many users are all traveling to those three pages, in that order, with no drop-offs in between?



1. Note that there are ZERO drop-offs for these pages (ALL traffic moves on to that following page), indicating something fishy might be going on

2. The issue seems to have ended on December 20, 2016; I'm trying to figure out what was going on in the past to have turned up this data


Any advice would be helpful!