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User report - strange pattern

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I have seen this a few times now.


A user visits every day (e.g. for 10 days in a row) the same URL on his mobile device and does not do anything else.


This does not seem like a normal behaviour and I think of other reasons.


Could it be, that he has the tab still open in his browser and every time he uses the browser, the tab reloads and GA logs a pave view, even though he does not uses the tab?


I have also seen this behaviour on desktop browsers. E.g. a client ID visits a few days in a row the same 3 specific pages. This seems strange to me.


Thanks for your help!


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Re: User report - strange pattern

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Hi Ben,

It looks like your Users are timing out on their 'session' so that when they return it opens a new session. A similar effect could happen if someone has their tab open and the tab/browser reloads it could reactive and refresh the session.

To remedy this I would recommend that you expand the session time in Analytics, you can do this by doing the following:
- Navigate to a property. If you're not in the settings menu, click Admin. Select the account and property you want to edit.
- From the property column, click Tracking Info then Session Settings.
- Under Timeout Handling, use the controls to set Session timeout and Campaign timeout.
- Click Apply.

You can find more information here:
Joshua, Rising Star
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Re: User report - strange pattern

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Hi Joshua,

Thanks for the info!

Will the changes influence the data in the past, or "only" future data?

What session time would you advice for a website with alot of content (we write articles about financial advice for private households).

Best, Ben
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Re: User report - strange pattern

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Hey Ben,

There's no way to change past data in Universal Analytics. I would recommend you expand your 'sessions' to their maximum length. Even then it may not be enough since the maximum session length is 4 hours.

Instead i recommend you create a custom segment and/or a filter (not for your all data view though) that removes these types of sessions.

Let me know if that helps! Smiley Happy
- Josh
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