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User flow mistery (URLs)

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Hi everyone,


We've been having a hard time understanding the breakdown of sessions in the user flow. As you can see on the screenshot below, our starting pages are divided into 2 main groups (1 and 2), representing 70% of the traffic.

These two groups are gathering the exact same type of URLs and pages. However, they were broke down into 2 parts. 

We don't understand why the two groups are not using the same box, when they share the same URLs. Pages in the >100 pages box are actually more popular than the box at the top ( 800 for the Group 2 one, 180 for the Group 1). 

We are desperately trying to find an answer for this, but we can't identify any pattern of element that would help us get an answer. 


Thanks in advance for your help! 


Users_Flow_-_Analytics 3.jpgUsers_Flow_-_Analytics.jpgUsers_Flow_-_Analytics 2.jpg

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Re: User flow mistery (URLs)

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Not sure why, but by looking at the above screenshots I can see an issue with those pages in that all utm parameters are visible when in reality they shouldn't. You're using hashed URLs i.e. #. By default GA would store the parameters in the usual way and don't display them in the reports, unless allowAnchor is set to false in the code. See documentation below.

Re: User flow mistery (URLs)

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I am looking at the graphics you provided and I do not see the same pages in both groups, the URLs all start out the same but seem to differ when you get to the first set of numbers. This little difference is enough to seperate out the sets. The flow is based upon how individuals navigate and from your widget page individuals visit more pages via the top group then they do by the bottom group so they have more interaction with your website.

Re: User flow mistery (URLs)

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Hi Etienne,

In my opinion your URLs are constructed the wrong way. When you use in the same URL "#" and UTMs, URL should be built like this:

In your case it's:

When you use "#" and then UTMs (or any other parameter for that matter) it wouldn't get read. That's why instead of using your UTMs as source of information for assigning referrals, GA is showing full URLs with UTMs visible like @R Rodrigues pointed out before.