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User data: User-ID feature vs UserID Custom Dimension (User scopped)

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I have a Custom Dimension that receives my user ID and it users User scope. I'm also setting up the User-ID feature with the UserID view.


My understanding about them is:

- UserID as a Custom Dimensions (CD) considers __ga user cookie to consolidate data and it won't communicate with User-ID feature. In that sense, CD UserID will not consolidate sessions for different devices, but since it's scope is User I will be able to see my users' gathered data for one device, even though they don't login.
- User-ID feature consolidates data across devices using same user id but it doesn't consider __ga cookie, so I'll only be able to gather user data if they log in.

So on one hand with CD UserID I'll have all gathered data for one single device (as long as the cookie remains unchanged, of course) but I'll miss cross-device interaction, and User-ID feature will give me cross-device interaction as long as the user logs in, so I might lose information.


Am I right?


If so, isn't it possible to use User-ID feature linked to __ga cookie so I can gather all data correctly. I mean, I figure it would be possible to store __ga cookie info in my own database and do the logic in my side, but is there a "native" solution?



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October 2016

User data: User-ID feature vs UserID Custom Dimension (User scopped)

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When you start dealing with users things get muddy quick and anything that could possibly lead to PII is cut short. So what you are seeing is that if you could tie those two items together you would get a very full picture of who did what which would be a violation of PII so each stops just short of the information you actually want in an effort to protect PII.


Basicly you can not get there from here.