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Unique Events Total - not adding up to the sum of individual

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I'm trying to understand how does Google report unique events. 


I'm looking at a report in Behavior > Events > Top events 


In this report I click on one of the Event categories and download  the report. The report contains the following  (Event Category, event label, total events, unique events) 


Now, here's the problem. The first row of the report that gives the total of every column has incorrect data. When I look at the unique event's column, I see a total of 1200 unique events. However, the sum of individual rows in the same column is 1500. What I'm I missing here ?

  • De-duplication ?
  • A single unique event is possibly a result of multiple events ? 


Please help me understand this with help center articles if possible. I've already gone through : About Events Article :



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Re: Unique Events Total - not adding up to the sum of individual

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I have been looking for an answer on this for a few years now and there does not seem to be any clear reason why these do not add up. After going through more than a 100 different sources I have come to my own personal conclusion (I am not saying this is the reason)

Some facts:
* Unique Events DO NOT add up in Google Analytics
* Unique Events DO add up in Google Analytics Premium

This leads me to believe that the totals in the tables are un-sampled (or sampled at a different rate %) and the metric figures ARE sampled. So Google is likely restricting the report to events that directly match the defined value.


The pre-aggregated tables per view are processed on a daily basis. These tables report data on all sessions, though there is a limit to the number of rows/distinct values in the pre-aggregated tables2. Analytics aggregates data when there are more than 50k rows of data (75k for Premium) in a single table for a single day. In other words, when there are more than 50k values (75k for Premium) for a given table, Analytics takes the top N3 values and creates an aggregate entry for the remaining values labeled (other).



Re: Unique Events Total - not adding up to the sum of individual

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Hi Ahmed and Brian,

So I do not duplicate what has already been written here is an article on unique events and some calc logic inside:

Hope it helps!

Kind regards,
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Re: Unique Events Total - not adding up to the sum of individual

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Thanks for the info Zorin