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Unexplained spike in traffic from organic search on just one day

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My client's website ( -- in portuguese) has had a very very strange spike made of supposedly "regular" traffic. We try our best to optimize the website for organic search, but for two years we have not been able to increase visits.


However, on a Sunday near a national holiday (the website has more visits on weekdays, on average), we got 853 visits (up from an average of 120 on Sundays), 750 of them from organic search, on one specific article on the website (keywords "not provided"), all from Brazil, so the visits seem legitimate. The sessions are in line with the website's bounce rate and everything. It was as if Google Search worked "properly" for one day, because we know that the website has content and is optimized for such traffic. In two years working with this website and for about 10 years working on development, I have never seen anything like this, a spike in traffic on just one day, the worst day of the week, and apparently legitimate visits.


Has anyone experienced this or does anyone have a possible explanation? I have seen similar posts here, but I think that is not quite my case.


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Unexplained spike in traffic from organic search on just one day

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Google works in mysterious ways but yes, I have seen a spike in traffic for a couple of days due to Organic ranking changes and search demand.  To find the culprit, we researched inside Search Console and discovered the group of keywords sending traffic.

It's hard to say the exact reason without digging into your data, which I love doing!  :-)