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Understanding the Comparison Chart

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For an app I am analyzing I'd like to see where most users exits the app. Below a screenshot of the Behavior > Screens report set up as a comparison chart between exits and screen views.


Schermafbeelding 2017-07-25 om 13.30.07.png


If I look at this chart I have a bit of a hard time explaining it. If we look at the number 1 screen "Dashboard" it says 208.14% compared to site average. So my guess is it means there are 208% more exits on this page than the average...?


But then if you look at the number 2 for the screen "Splashscreen" it says -20%. Does this mean it has 20% less exits on this page compared to the average? The green and red make it a bit confusing. As a 208% higher exit rate for Dashboard would not be a good thing, however it is showing as green like it's a positive.


Another thing I'm wondering is whether it makes sense to plot it against screen views or if I should be strictly looking at unique screen views against exits..