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Understanding Custom Funnels & Metrics

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When using the custom funnel report function can you filter steps by pages visited in session if it not recorded as an event? We have no event or hit level metrics set up for the pages in question so started setting up a series of custom funnel reports to get around that. However, we have found that the sessions complete figure does not match unique page views for the 'complete' page which calls into question the validity and reliability of the data.


My immediate thought was that you can't set up a funnel report like this because sessions aren't usable as a metric beyond landing page level. What would be ideal to know is how the funnel reports segment and cut the data, and whether it possible to use page level metrics at all for these types of reports. If so, how would you set this up to ensure you have matching reports? 



Understanding Custom Funnels & Metrics

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Hi @Belle C


Stages in a custom funnel can only be defined using dimensions - not metrics. And they can be either User or Session scoped. This article explains it pretty well: Particularly that "Each stage is defined using dimension-based rules, which let you specify whether the stage should include or exclude hits matching a particular value."


So if you wanted to define a custom funnel for sessions where the user visited Page A, then Page B and then Page C, you would define three stages - each with the Page dimension matching the Request URI of pages A, B and C respectively.


Now, there can be several reasons why your unique pageviews on would not match the custom funnel. First, you need to consider if the funnel should be Closed or Open. Are users "allowed" to enter the funnel on Page B / Stage 2? If that's the case, you would use an Open funnel.


There are also settings to indicate whether a stage should appear immediately or just after a preceding stage. And another setting indicates if a user is "allowed" to complete the funnel across multiple sessions.


Perhaps you could provide a more specific example of what you are trying to accomplish?

Understanding Custom Funnels & Metrics

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Hi Phillip,


I have setup a 2 custom funnel X and Y.

X has the following steps A-B-C-D

Y has the following steps D-E-F-G

The problem that I am facing here is that the step D in both the funnels X and Y have two different session values despite both having the same Page URLs mentioned.

How is this possible. Please help. Thank you.