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Understand traffic channel attribution

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Dear all, 


I'm trying to understand the traffic attribution. 

I'm using 3 webanalytics solutions. Yandex, Coremetrics and G.Analytics. 


On Yandex and Coremetrics, the repartitions for organic traffic is the same - around 25%.


But on GA, the repartition is totally different. 

I've got 40%. I understand the fact we cannot get the same rate, but the difference is quite important. And I realise I have the same issue with PPC. 


Did you ever wonder before what can explain these differences ? 


Many thanks, 

Best regards, 


Understand traffic channel attribution

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Channels, or sources? In GA you can customize your channels pretty much in any way you want to. What each of these properties considers to be a "channel" by default will vary. Start at the top - What is the total sessions/visits discrepancies between each property?


Understand traffic channel attribution

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Hi @tomhalejr


Thanks for the reply. I'm talking about channel (eg: organic, ppc, social, email etc...). 

As said, my focus is more on organic. So there is nothing to change in term of set up. I didn't touch the Channel Grouping. 


The discrepancies, is between the webanalytics solutions. For 2 solutions, my traffic is 25% organic, but for GA is 40%.

Same trend for PPC. Same period selected of course.  


thank you again,