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Unable to see Custom Dimensions associated with Events

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Custom Dimensions assigned to Events cannot be seen in the Google Analytics Dashboard.
1. Submitted on an Android device using the Xamarin Android Analytics library v29.0.0.2.
2. Custom Dimension scope is hit and names are active in the Google Dashboard.
3. The code follows the v4 developer guidance (see link in References below).
4. A Fiddler session confirms on a live device that we are correctly submitting the following protocol parameters as via the protocol definition (see link in References below). 
- t = event
- ec = our event category
- ea = our event action
- cd4= our custom dimension value we want to submit with this event, 4 is the index assigned in the Google dashboard, also this is the second Custom Dimension definition we have setup to try.
5. This is testing over several weeks of data - so we don't have to worry about the wait for 24 hours to see your data concern.
6. Top Events Report - Without a Secondary Dimension, events are seen as expected. Once we add in the Custom Dimension as a secondary dimension produces "There is no data for this view".
7. Custom Report - Adding in Custom Dimension against Total Events in a variety of configuration setups and segment definitions produces no results.
(No problem for me to quickly try out something here, if anyone has suggestions).
Any thoughts?

Unable to see Custom Dimensions associated with Events

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Some more research:

1. A Custom report on the Custom Dimension and Hits is showing the proper number of hits coming in for the Custom Dimension.

Unable to see Custom Dimensions associated with Events

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I'm also getting the same behavior for "screenview" hit types. That is, protocol parameter are valid in sniffing session, custom dimension is active and scope is set to hit, working on data from past week, etc. However, attempting any meaningful report for screens with Custom Dimensions is producing "There is no data for this view." 

Unable to see Custom Dimensions associated with Events

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More research:

1. Both Google.Analytics libraries v29 and v42 for Android are producing the same results.

2. I am now using the most simple of samples to isolate just a simple event submission with a Custom Dimension.

3. I am getting the same results using Google APIs Explorer ( as from the Dashboard. That is, Events are being submitted with a  Custom Dimension. However, in the Dashboard or via the Google APIs Explorer, reports produced attempting to use both ga:eventAction and ga:dimension4  are producing "There is no data for this view".

4. I have turned on the "Technical Support" option in case a Google technical support representative can take a look.



Unable to see Custom Dimensions associated with Events

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Additional research:

I have also run a test to account for the bug listed below. Still same results, cannot associate Custom Dimensions with Events (or even Screen Views).