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Hi all,


I have a question which can't be answered by my self. We have a website with blog articles which is coupled with Google Analytics. 

We did a Facebook campaign for a certain article and wanted to see the views and see if Facebook did well. 

When I was looking for these views I saw these many hyperlinks: 


1. /vrouwen-toekomst-capgemini/
2. /vrouwen-toekomst-capgemini/?hs_fb_account_id=1383286298576619&hs_fb_campaign_id=6074654118254&hs_fb_adset_id=6074654119454&hs_fb_ad_id=6074654121854&hs_parent_creative_id=6074654119854&source=fb
3. /vrouwen-toekomst-capgemini/?hs_fb_account_id=1383286298576619&hs_fb_campaign_id=6074654118254&hs_fb_adset_id=6074654177454&hs_fb_ad_id=6074654177254&hs_parent_creative_id=6074654290254&source=fb
And so on... My question is: How is this possible because number 2 and 3 are exactly the same? We used the same UTM as always and I was expecting 1 hyperlink like the first one. 



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UTM Codes & Social Media

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numbers 2 and 3 are not the same - 

2: hs_fb_ad_id=6074654121854

3: hs_fb_ad_id=6074654177254


Furthermore, this is not the standard GA utm tracking which GA recognises and strips away from the page reports, but maintains for the campaign reports.

John Wedderburn, Advertiser Community, Rising Star
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