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URLs being appended with index.php in reports

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I'm having a problem with index.php being appended to my URLs in the GA Reports, beginning for traffic on 6/15.


I'm running Wordpress. I had not changed any SEO or URL related plugin at that time.


My URLs display as or (Wordpress has 'posts' and 'pages', but the URL format is similar for both). This is consistent in my browser, in my sitemap, and in the Google SERPs still to this day. Prior to 6/15 the GA Reports showed this format too. Starting on 6/15 the traffic began showing for all pages with index.php appended at the end. So the continuity of my reports is disrupted.



What could be causing this in GA? How can I reverse it?



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Re: URLs being appended with index.php in reports

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Can you share the URL of your site?

I would remove the tracking code and reinstall it from scratch. A 'default' of Wordpress is to make the URLS /index.php/page-name so if you used a plugin to install your GA before making a change to the permalinks this may be the issue.

Seeing your site URL would let us check what's being sent to Google Analytics since there may be a custom setting that's adding the index.php

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Re: URLs being appended with index.php in reports

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Go to your view settings and remove /index.php from the Default URL box.
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