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Two identical views with different data

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Hi, I have two views of different properties, both without filters, implemented in the same website and by the same way through the Google Tag Manager. However, the traffic data is different, including in real time. What are possible causes for this and how to solve it?



After some analysis I found out that first view (2009) is being targeted by spammers, when the second (2014) do not, but, there is no filter to block the spammers in both views. How spammers can attack just one view and not the other?



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Two identical views with different data

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I don't see any of the tags fired now through GTM. I assume the property where you are receiving spam hits has an UA-ID ending in -1.

Spammers are targeting random properties ending in -1 because most users are using the property created when they set up the account, the -1 one. Please check the article below about removing analytics spam:

Hope this helps

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Two identical views with different data

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Hi Renan,


A lot of spammers are using the Measurement Protocol to send "ghost hits" to your GA account (so all the data is fake - none of that traffic is actually reaching your site). The fake data is sent by your tracking ID, so my guess is that the tracking ID for your 2009 property made it onto their list somehow while 2014 did not. Note that the tracking ID differs between properties by the last digit. 


There are a lot of articles out there on how to block this traffic but the spammers are constantly changing their ways. Might be better to have Google play catch-up instead of always chasing new spam traffic - as long as it's not significant enough to skew your reporting that is. 





Edit: Just saw Arnold's comment. My reporting property uses "-4" and I'm still seeing some traffic from Also looked at hostname and somehow the spam traffic knows (and uses) my hostname.