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Traffic from facebook ads

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I was wondering if someone would be able to assist me, shed some light on the following challanges I am having understanding my analytics. I am trying to use Google Analytics to mesure conversions from a FB ad.

I have a landing page set up ... with this tagged onto the end of the URL. This is the URL I am sending traffic too from the FB Ad ...



I also have a goal set up to measure specifc people landing on a thank you page after filling in their details on the aforementioned landing page.


My campaing analytics say I have had three conversions for my goal from source/medium = Facebook/FB ad ...

Then I have another 3 conversios from source/medium;








Is it possible that the conversions from direct/none and Facebook/refferal are from the facebook ad as well ? And if so why are they reported like this ? ? 

My Facebook analytics tell me I have 7 conversions ... so the above six and then GA is telling me one from google/organic ....

Articulating this is challanging when first starting out ... I hope this makes sense and thank you so much in advance for any assistance, I really really really appreicate it.

Best Regards
Ryan C

Traffic from facebook ads

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Can you post details of how you setup that goal pls?

Traffic from facebook ads

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Hi Ryan,


this is very interesting question. This all works along with attribution model which analytics follows a) First Click b) Last Click. As the name itself says first click means where the first touch happens and last click where the last touch happens [excluding direct source].

Sometime people see ads on Facebook and clicks and lands to the page, but in their active session (30 Min from the start) they don't purchase or fill the form. Then again after some time they google your brand name or ur url then clicks on organic link, after that they take necessary action (goal fulfilled). in this case FB will not get attributed if you have last click attribution enabled in Analytics.

But FB Dashboard will record this as a conversion just because of they follow first touch.

Hope it would have cleared some doubt. For more detail you can check below link.