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Tracking website pdf page opens

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We currently upload case studies every month to our site in the form of pdfs. These open in a new window from a main case study page.


However, we also promote the case studies through social media and direct traffic to the pdf page open. I am concerned that anyone going directly to the pdf page will not register as a website page view, as they have not gone through the website itself. I have looked at the page behavior in analytics and each pdf only ever seems to register 1 page view.







Re: Tracking website pdf page opens

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Hi Lewis,

yes, everyone directly opening your PDF URL will not be tracked by Google Analytics.

In order for you to know how many people accessed directly a PDF file, I think the only mean is by checking your server log file and count how many http requests the file received.

Maybe it would be convenient to promote the case study webpage on your social profiles rather than the PDF file, because the webpage will be tracked by Google Analytics.

Note: I just read very quickly (while writing this reply) that it is possible to add javascript code to a PDF file: , so maybe you can verify if the GA tracking code can be added also to a PDF file via scripting. However, I never tried, so I don't know if it is feasible or not.

Hope it helps,


Re: Tracking website pdf page opens

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A common solution for tracking the number of PDF downloads/clicks/opens is to leverage Google Analytics Event Tracking on the actual PDF link. This will send the number of clicks your PDF link has received to your GA reports.

So, instead of sending your social traffic directly to the can send them to the page the PDF lives on, configure event tracking, and you would then be able to quantify the number of times your PDF is being viewed.

Further reading on Event Tracking:

Hope this helps,