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Tracking Set of Specific Pages

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Hi there,


I am trying to track the pageviews of a specific set of about 150 pages, which would change/update every quarter with the addition/removal of about 25 pages. I'm trying to track the combined exposure of an specific type of page.


Any support is appreciated! I'm new to Analytics

Re: Tracking Set of Specific Pages

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Hello Kyle!


There are a couple ways to accomplish this:


Advanced Filters - You can create a regular expression to monitor the grouping of pages every month, this would take a while to build and would require work every month.



Content Grouping - This works similarly to filters, this is useful if you have a couple different groupings you want to view.



Custom Dimensions - Do the pages in this grouping have a similar feature in the html? You can use this common factor as a landmark and dynamically populate the field as it changes over time. then pull it in as a segment or a secondary dimension to examine just the pages you want.



I hope some of these options have created some clarity for you!


Happy Analyzing


Re: Tracking Set of Specific Pages

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Thanks for the reply Jason! Content grouping might be best. I would need to assemble four different groups of about 150 pages each, but in a total set of 4000+ pages with similar URLs. Individual pages would be added or removed from these pages every quarter. I'll give content grouping a search, but if you have any additional ideas or tips based on the above I'm all ears!

Thanks again!