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Tracking Referrals opened in a new window

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'Site A' refers to my site by opening a new window. I want to be able to track these referrals, but GA shows them as direct visits because they are opened in a new window. I don;t have access to 'Site A.' Is there anything I can do to show the referrals that I am getting from 'Site A'? Thanks so much!


PS - 'Site A' links to us with the following code: 


<a id="aw0" target="_blank" href="" onfocus="ss('aw0')" onmousedown="st('aw0')" onmouseover="ss('aw0')" onclick="ha('aw0')"><img src="" border="0" width="728" height="90" alt="" class="img_ad" onload="tick('1ad')"></a>



Thanks again!!

Re: Tracking Referrals opened in a new window

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Hi Brad,

If you do not have access to site A then there is not much you can do . You need to ask site A to use the URL builder to tag the URL

Re: Tracking Referrals opened in a new window

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Hi Brad,


Let's dissect things a bit to get a richer understanding.


Even if the link opens the site in a new window (in the same browser), Google will know that the visitor was referred from another site. That information is still passed through the browser.


But there are some situations when the referrer is not passed and traffic will be treated as direct traffic:


1) HTTPS websites don’t pass referrer data to HTTP websites by default.

If "Site A" is and your website is, referrer is not passed by default. Whenever a referrer is not passed, the traffic is treated as ‘direct traffic’ by Google Analytics. If you want get that referrer data, you should move your website to secure connection as soon as possible 


2) Referrer is not passed in case of visits that came from a "Site A" link which uses the ‘rel=noreferrer’ attribute.

For example: <a href=”” rel=”noreferrer”>Click here</a>

There's nothing much you can do.


There can be even more reasons. Recommend you to use Google to figure out more. Opening the site in a new window is probably not that reason.


Recommend you to read this topic as well


@Theo Bennett has described it very well. Smiley Happy


Hope this helps.