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Tracking Most Read Articles

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I am trying to track what articles are most read in our digital magazine. On our previous platform, we simply judged the most read article by page views. But on GA, the unique pageviews seem to rank basically by page order of the magazine---page 3, page 5, page 7, page 15, page 11, etc. However, our previous analytics platform showed a few columns that were consistently the highest read, so it doesn't seem accurate for GA to report so differently and exclude those popular columns; many of these pages reported with highest unique pageviews are just ads.


Do I have to make a report that includes time spent on page with pageviews to reflect actual reading, or what makes sense for me to do to configure the correct data?

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Tracking Most Read Articles

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While GA will give you all the numbers you have to determine what number or set of numbers would best reflect your need.

I would defintely start with the All Pages report which is located under Behavior-->Site Content-->All Pages

On this report you can then look at Pageviews, Unique Pageviews, Avg Time on Page, and Bounce Rate as starting metrics; if I was doing this I would then want to add different weights to these metrics so I would want to export to a spreadsheet and use formulas to weight each according to my need and then sort by the combined total of the weights I applied to each.

This is one way to get the answer you seek. I believe that no one metric is going to give you that answer so you need to use multiple metrics to ascertain what is the most read article.