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Tracking Links attributed to incorrect page in Google Analytics

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Hi there, please could someone help me. I have tried to find answers to this question by searching google, but I can't seem to find the answer I am looking for.


I use tracking links (created in Google Campaing URL Builder)  to analyse multiple traffic sources to a number of webistes and microsites - however I am seeing tracking links for microsite A (for example) showing up as a traffic source on microsite B - there is nothing in the original tracking link that would drive traffic to that destination?


This is not the majority of my traffic, but it is there nonetheless and it's confusing me and causing me to question the accuracy of Google Campaign URL Builder?


Any help or explanation is much appreciated.


Tracking Links attributed to incorrect page in Google Analytics

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Hi @Westcoast L,


URL campaign builder is a just simple tool that concatenate the utm parameters with your URL and it works fine unless you enter correct values. If you are seeing wrong acquisition source, probably you set the parameters of some links in a wrong way. Please double check your utm parameters.


I hope this helps.