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Tracking Adsense Custom search engine usage

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i have Adsense running 3 ad units as well as a custom search engine bar that runs great as it really helps dig up content in my site so users can get in, type what they're after and jump straight to that article or page.

Now those custom search engines with adsense are monetized and i can check their revenue reports on the adsense page... however, while i can track all activity on my site, including adsense revenue inside Analytics, i have found no way of generating a report showing top used search terms/keywords, search engine utilization and such.

the custom search engine is linked to analytics and i can confirm that from inside the adsense portal as well as the custom search engine portal.

The only thing i found in Analytics is Site Search but that seems to only track internal site search engines, not the google custom engine

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Tracking Adsense Custom search engine usage

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Basically something like Acquisition -> Search Console, but relevant to the queries performed on the google custom search engine embedded in the site..

Similarly there's Behavior -> Site Search, but this only logs internal site searches using query URL parameters, and google search engine doesn't pass these on when you click a link.

It's a pity that i can see EXACTLY what people searched for on that brought them to my site, but can't see what they're looking for when they're searching within my site!

I must be missing something trivial