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Track traffic to my other domain

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We own a website for our local shop in Belgium and we also own three webshops (with some products from our local shop). I've installed Google Analytics with different ID's for the website and the webshops. 


But I would like to know how many visitors who leave our website are referred to one of our webshops and how many people really left our website (visitors we've lost) and went to another website.


Thank you for your help.



Re: Track traffic to my other domain

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Hi Peter,

I'd suggest to do the following.

On each link between your websites, you could add the so-called "UTM tracking parameters", as described here:

With this parameters, the GA sessions from users going from one website to the other would be labeled with custom values for the dimensions "source", "medium" and "campaign". You can then use these custom values to identify these sessions among all the data and analyze and compare the characteristic of this type of traffic.

In order to do this, you should configure at least three UTM parameters:

- Campaign Name (the actual UTM parameter name is utm_campaign), that you should populate with the name of the promotional campaign you want to track. In this case, there isn't an actual promotional campaign, so you could use a name like "cross-website-traffic" or something like this, that allows you to identify this type of traffic.

- Source Name (the actual UTM parameter name is utm_source), that you should populate with the domain name of the website in which the link is placed. See the example later on.

- Medium Name (the actual UTM parameter name is utm_medium), that you should populate with a label that you find useful to identify this type of traffic. I would use again "cross-website-traffic", or something similar.

For example, let's say that, in a page of your main website, e.g., there is a link to one of your webshops, e.g.

In order to track sessions of users going from mainwebsite to webshop1, each link from mainwebsite to webshop1 should have the following URL (i.e. in the HTML, the "href" value of the <a> tag):

Of course, these utm_campaigns, utm_source and utm_medium values are my example values, but you can use the values for that you find the most convenient for your analysis.

Once these tracked links are in place, you will find the related tracked data in the GA reports of each destination website (in my example, webshop1), for example in the Acquisition --> Campaigns report

Please notice that these tags should not be used to track internal links within the same website.

Hope it helps.

I wish you a great day,