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Track subdirectory as referral

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So I have a blog on my site on and have a seperate analytics property there and on to track my blog traffic and the traffic on my domain seperately. 


Now I would like to know how much traffic I get to my main site from the blog. Is there any way i can track this? I searched for it and came accross posts where its metioned that the domain can be in the referral exclusion list, but in my account that is not the case. All traffic that comes from /blog/ seems to be tracked as direct traffic.

I know i can add parameters to the urls that point to, but I would rather keep the urls clean if that is possible.


Any advise is highly appreciated. 

Re: Track subdirectory as referral

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Hi Paul,
Go into your GA account's admin panel and create a new Profile and name it something recognizable - e.g. Blog Traffic. Then create a profile filter to include just the /blog/ subdirectory and everything beneath it.

This will give you exactly what you've asked for - your existing profile to show you the totals for the whole site, and a new profile which will show you stats as if the /blog section was its own website.

This is a much better and more convenient process long-term than using advanced segments as it will give you visitor-level data, not just pageview-level data.

Just remember that a new profile will only start showing data from the day it was created, no historical data from the rest of the site.

That what you were looking for?
Please also check this @

**I don't have any affiliation to any site, sharing just to help community memebr***


Re: Track subdirectory as referral

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Thank you for your answer! I looked into this and I understand how this works now. I will get two profiles under the same property; one showing only traffic in /blog/ and one on everything but /blog/.
However, with this method, can I also see how much traffic goes from /blog/ to for example /?