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Trace visits on page1, page2, page2 and page4

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I want to to know the number of visitor going to page1 AND page2 AND page3 AND page4 during the same session. page1, page2, page3 and page4 are regex (book-[0-9]+) for example. The order doesn't matter. I tried with the behaviour flow, but I can only choose the first page, I can't specify the URL of the second and the third page.

I tried also to group the 4 pages in the same group, but it doesn't seem to work neither.


How can I isolate those visitors ?


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Re: Trace visits on page1, page2, page2 and page4

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You should be able to accomplish this by using a custom segment. When you are in a report, click the Add Segment button and then the New Segment Button.


cap 5.png



cap 4.png


Under the Advanced menu, select Conditions and then populate the fields using Page and AND statements.


Here's an example from the Google Merchandise Store test account that will show you sessions in which a visitor viewed the following pages:







capture 3.png


Alternatively, you can use the matches regex type and include the example expression.


cap 6.png


Once the segment looks good you can just add it to any reports you want. If you're after user counts you can go to the Audiences Overview report and apply your new segment. Here's what the test segment for the Google Merchandise Store looks like:


cap 7.png


Hope this helps! 

Trace visits on page1, page2, page2 and page4

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I used "sequences", it works fine. Thanks for the idea !