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Third Party Ad Traffic Too Good To Be True? Bot Traffic? Need Help.

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Hello everyone,


I have a client that recently started running advertising with Yahoo Video Ads. These are similar to Adwords TrueView ads in that they pre-roll other videos. The Yahoo video ads are getting an order of magnitude more clicks, and the traffic quality is of extremely high quality. It seems too good to be true. So much so that I've setup screen recordings to figure out of this is bot traffic.


Now I am convinced that this is the most sophisticated bot traffic I've ever seen. There are odd scrolling and mouse movements that I have never seen before. It just doesn't make sense, but to a junior level data-analyst, it would probably be outstanding.


Screen Recordings:

These screen recordings are from Yahoo sources that I find very suspicious. This traffic all has time on page, time on site, bounce rates that are an order of magnitude better than my Google TrueView video ads. 


Things to Notice:

  • These users do NOT use the main menu, which requires a hover over parent items that exposes the menu blocks
  • There is very odd, smooth movement of the mouse. Typically, users mouse over what they are reading and it jumps more as their attention changes.
  • Buttons are being clicked to pages that users almost never usually visit, primarily in the footer menu (since this requires no hover state to show)
  • Only buttons are clicked, real users try to click random stuff everywhere
  • scrolling is erratic, and content on screen is usually not primary page content
  • The geographic sources from our targeting are accurate
  • There is an expected distribution of times of day of the interactions
  • There is an expected distribution of devices and browsers
  • The time on site for Yahoo is DOUBLE that of an organic user that does not interact with the login form (indicating they are not a current customer and are probably researching)
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Third Party Ad Traffic Too Good To Be True? Bot Traffic? Need Help.

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Do you have any goals set-up, and - in which case - do they convert?

John Wedderburn, Advertiser Community, Rising Star
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Third Party Ad Traffic Too Good To Be True? Bot Traffic? Need Help.

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They are completing button-click goals, however, form submission completes on this site are very rare so not enough data to really tell there.


I do however have CallRail setup for Adwords call tracking. I have just setup a number specifically for the utm values of this Yahoo campaign. Real people call quite frequently. I'll see if this traffic does.