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The new community help pages are terrible.

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I've been trying to research help on a Google Analytics topic.  Interestingly, I found an old community discussion on the issue I need help with.  However, it was under the old community help pages system, not this new one.


Okay, I think, I will go to the new one and search for the title -- maybe I can still find it.  Nope.


Okay, I think, I will go to the new community help pages and search for that topic.  Nope.  I can't drill down easily into the different communities -- Adwords, Business, Analytics.  It searches the whole bloody mess.  So my Analytics issue query results in a ton of bloody Adwords results.


There is probably a way to do this.  I am sure I could spend hours figuring out how the new bloody Community Help Pages works.  But why the heck do I want to spend hours trying to figure out how to use the bloody help forums when what I am already doing is spending hours trying to figure out how to use the bloody Google Analytics platform?


I've used a large number of community help boards, forums, and platforms for a number of web services.  I even used the older Google ones for this and other Google platforms.  This new one is the most rubbish I've dealt with to date.


So thanks, Google, for making it more difficult to figure out your products and all the various permutations and changes you make with them.  I really enjoy all the time your products save, because I can use that time to figure out how to actually bloody use the things.


TLDR you made it too hard to find things Google.  Ironic.

Re: The new community help pages are terrible.

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Hi John,

First, I'll agree with you and say that I'm finding it more difficult to find things here vs. the old platform as well.

Second I ran into the same exact thing you did above, I found a topic on the old boards about what I was looking for but kept getting redirected here when I clicked on it from the SERP. But I found a way to get to the message board by putting "cache:" in front of the URL in the bar and it worked! Give it a try!

Third - what's the problem you're trying to solve perhaps I can help?