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Tags included in URLs

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I recently joined a company as a web analyst and looking through their GA profiles I found that the page URLS are misinterpreted by GA. It appears as if GA doesn't understand where the tag starts. Example: when looking at traffic broken down by page I get pages such as things one: /servlet/LogonForm?catalogId=11301&storeId=11554&langId=-1&myAcctMain=1

Everything past the "?" should be dropped but isn't and I've searched far and wide for an answer but I can't figure out why. Is it because of how GA has been implemented or is there another reason? 


GA is currently hard-coded into the sites using a custom script, because of this we are migrating over to using data layers, GTM and a fresh GA tag, will this solve the problem? 


Thanks a bunch!

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Re: Tags included in URLs

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Go to Admin and View Settings. In the Exclude URL Query Parameters box, include all parameters you'd like to exclude separated by comma. It will do.


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Re: Tags included in URLs

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Hi Jakob, here is a simple fix.
Go to your view settings (in Admin) and go to Filters and add a new filter.

In the filter definition, choose a custom + advanced filter, like so:

Screenshot 2016-07-12 17.18.04.png

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Re: Tags included in URLs

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Although there is the inbuilt parameter exclusion in View Settings, as pointed, Julien's suggestion is better as it caters for future parameters that might not have been added to the Exclude URL Query Parameters box.

Re: Tags included in URLs

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Thank you for your proposed solution!
However, it doesn't answer why this problem occured in the first place. Do you have any idea as to why this happened? Do you always have to setup such a filter when using an URL-structure with "?XYZ" in them?
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Re: Tags included in URLs

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Why this happens
There can be many reasons, like when users perform an internal search and as a result query parameters are appended to the destination URL. In your case, it looks like the result of a form submit. All in all, this is a question for you to ask internally in your company. The fact is that query parameters to identify catalogId and storeId are being passed.

What solution to use
This is a call to be made by you, but both solutions presented here work. The difference is that a filter has the advantage to exclude any parameter while the inbuilt solution will exclude the parameters you define in the box. I'd ask myself: is it reasonable to think future parameters - in addition to the ones I currently know - will be added? The answer will give you a clue as to what solution to apply.


Re: Tags included in URLs

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Thanks for your swift response!

I'll bring this matter to the developers as it seems like they're appending information to the URL on most pages (search results, when adding products to cart and when placing orders) which, as far as I understand, is a quite outdated way to handle those kinds of requests.

Thanks again for all your help!