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Subdomain in Reports

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Hi guys.


When I set the reports to see which pages had the most pageviews/sessions I have a link to the specific URL. 

Just like that:


My problem: 

The button takes me to

(noting the subdomain is also the filter of the property that I'm looking at).


As my configuration is today, this button takes me to:


How can I make a change to take me to the subdomain that is also the filter of the property?
I need that each property take me to the correspondent URL.


I don't know if I made myself clear.


Thanks guys!

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February 2017

Re: Subdomain in Reports

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If you have different property for each subdomain or at least different view you can configure this URL in View Settings in Admin Section by changing "Website's URL" parameter.



Subdomain in Reports

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Thanks bro!
Helped a lot.

Subdomain in Reports

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Do you know if there's any other implication besides linking to the right subdomain?

Subdomain in Reports

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I have never found an answer to this.  I just open another tab in my browser with the root subdomain then copy and paste the url address onto the end of the subdomain.