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Strange traffic to my website

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Hi everyone,


I hope someone can help me.

I have been using google analytics on my website for a few months only but I noticed smthg very strange.

It's a new website and I don't expect that much traffic but here is what happens everyday


I get 40 to 50 connections a day from the UK (my website is about diving in indonesia... still possible I get that traffic from the UK....) BUT

It's all new users

ALL of them use Mac

ALL of them use Chrome

ALL of them cannot be geographically city/region details

ALL log on my main page and leave immedately


That user is at the moment representing 30% of my traffic on my website per day so my problem is that it is giving me a very high bouncing rate, low page per session,,, which will affect greatly my rankings without talking about not allowing me to study my stats properly...


Has someone had this kind of problems before? Is there something I can do about it?

Please help me!





Re: Strange traffic to my website

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The unusual spike in visits is most likely because of ghost spam, check your referrals and see if you see free-social-buttons or something similar (there might be others), this spammer has been hitting with fake direct visits along with the referral. To be sure this is spam go to:

Acquisition > Channels > All traffic > Select Hostname as a second dimension

Please check this post for possible reason and solutions @