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Source vs. Medium vs. Channel

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I have some difficulties to understand the difference between "sources", "medium" and channel".


Is it correct or am I wrong if I summarize it like this:


Sources= the URL name : "http//:nameofthewebsite…"

Medium = for example: organic search, cpc, referral etc.

Channel = the sources grouped by category (for example: each search engine can be a channel like Google, Yahoo etc.)


Many thanks,



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Source vs. Medium vs. Channel

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Hi @Lvi E,


Here you'll find a great explanation:


Hope this helps.


Source vs. Medium vs. Channel

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I think your definition is pretty accurate: channel functions as a container to categorize a segment of inbound traffic (you can rename as you wish); medium is the format (organic, cpc, direct, etc.) in which is arrived; and source is the URL where the inbound traffic originated. 

Source vs. Medium vs. Channel

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Feel free to ask more questions if these are not helpful! :-)

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