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Something Wrong with my Analytics report

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Hello guys!

I downloaded "Organic Traffic Landing Page report" but it seems that there is a problem. As you can see by clicking here that sessions are at 0 for a particular landing page, meanwhile transactions are at 1-27 (doesn't make sense).  Also, the landing page title shown in the report is actually title of a "Thank you page" (user lands there after the purchase is done). 

Is it a problem with Analytics or Google Tag Manager? What can be done to fix it?


Thank you in advance and your help will be much appreciated!


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Something Wrong with my Analytics report

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Hi Arturs,


The problem is that you are using a hit scope dimension(Page Title) together with session scoped dimension (Landing page path). You should not do this otherwise your report might have irregular results.


If you want to be sure about which metrics and dimensions can be used together, you can use metrics explorer: 


I hope this explains the reason for you.


Something Wrong with my Analytics report

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Hi Guney,

Thank you very much! Removed the "Page Title" and now it works. Smiley Happy


Best regards