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Site Speed Not Working Consistently

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So we have a site that is currently collecting metrics and noticed the site speed results are not consistent in terms of displaying data.


It's averaging about 300 sessions/day and about 1k pageviews/day.


Site speed has been nearly lifeless so far with little blips here and there but nothing consistent (screenshot attached)


We have another site that gets FAR less hits/users/sessions (~100 users, 500 pageviews per day) but the site speed displays consistent information.


I'm aware that the sampling size is 1%. Could this be the issue? Or?


Thanks for any help.





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Re: Site Speed Not Working Consistently

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You need to have a bigger data sample, you can adjust the parameters to include a bigger data sample or better yet let it run longer so you collect more data. As with any analysis the more data the better the picture. I do not even analize a site until I have at least 2 months worth of data to sift through.

Re: Site Speed Not Working Consistently

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Thanks for the reply.


Are you saying it's more about the longevity of the data collected vs the amount of hits that will determine the site speed sampling?


The site I illustrated above has been collecting data since Mid February 2016. Our other site has been online for over a year, gets far less pageviews and after fixing a GA misconfiguration the past month it collects site speed data consistently.


I also noticed in GA Debug that both sites initialize GA differently. The one that doesn't have site speed information has the following:


While the other displays much more information.


Re: Site Speed Not Working Consistently

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It is about the amount of data it can sample, GA by default uses roughly 1% for sampling for site speed other reports use anywhere from 10% to 40%. So if you have 10 sessions the sampling would be roughly 1 session, if you have 100 sessions the sampleing would be about the same 1 session (give or take) and so on. So the more data you have the bigger your sample is and the more clear your picture becomes. You can change you sampling percentage by modifing your code slightly (see link below) or on some reports just below the date range is a selector that you can move to the right which will increase your sample size.

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