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Hi Guys, 


I'm a complete novice user so please forgive me if I'm posting to the wrong area or a stupid topic. 


I've recently started using Google Analytics to monitor usage of my the new web site I built (my first one!) for my business (mostly to derive encouragement that someone was visiting my site!). 


About once a month, for the past 3 months, I've been getting hit with sudden multiple visits (around 30) of "0,00" second duration which is completely throwing all my stats out - is there any way to prevent this or to at least remove these from my stats so I can understand my stats better? 





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Hi @Nicholas T,


Congratulations on operating your first website and utilizing Analytics to enhance it. Google Analytics is a great asset to any business online today. 


You can filter info, which is really easy to do... and really common for advanced or novice users of Google Analytics. 


Take a look at this Google Analytics Help File and this Google Analytics Help File and see if they provides the help you need. If not, we can go further. 


Thanks for being a member here. We are here to help and please know that no question is stupid. 


Happy Saturday,



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Re: Site Spam

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This has nothing to do with filtering, not directly anyway.

Those 0'0" visits (aka sessions) are called bounce visits and count towards your bounce rate.
Bounce visits are when a visitor lands on any given page of your site and leaves right away, without browsing another page.
Because there is no way to calculate time spent on site, bounce visits have a browsing time of 0 seconds.

The higher your average bounce rate, the more your time spent on site gets closer to zero.

Now there are a few reasons why you would get bounce visits so let's not start filtering just yet.
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