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Site Search metrics calculation

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Hey experts!


Reading through Google Analytics Support: How Site Search metrics are calculated


Am I correct, the example incorrectly illustrates the following 3 calculation :


Results Pageviews / Search: which, technically speaking = (# PV hits containing query parameter) / (# unique queries)

= (1[camera] + 1[black camera]+1[computer]) / (3)



Time after Search: which, technically speaking = (# time spent, subsequent to search results, on pages not containing query parameter) / (# unique queries)

= (30[camera] + 60[black camera]+15[computer]) / (3)



Search Depth: which, technically speaking = which is (# PV hits, subsequent to search results, not containing query parameter) / (# unique queries)

= (2[camera] + 3[black camera]+0[computer]) / (3)



Ran a test with following PV sequence:

  1. /test/search/search-start.html
  2. /test/search/search-result?q=———XYZ———
  3. /test/eComm/eCommerce.html?q=abppppppd
  4. /test/form.html
  5. /test/ab test/original.html
  6. /test/search/search-start.html
  7. /test/search/search-result?q=———XYZ———
  8. /test/ab test/original.html
  9. /test/ab test/v2.html
  10. /test/ab%20test/v3.html
  11. /test/ab test/original.html
  12. /test/ab test/v2.html
  13. /test/ab test/original.html

and this is what GA reports (link

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Re: Site Search metrics calculation

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Your math is off based upon their examples.

For Results Pageviews/Search it is not the first result page that gets counted but the subsequent pages in the example they are listed as "view Results Pageview".
For Search Depth it would be 2+3+0/ 1 (For Session 1) + 1=2.5 Session 2 does not have a transition to another page it exits so the example would be wrong in that it would actually be zero but you add one because a search was done in Session 2. Confusing.

Re: Site Search metrics calculation

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Thanks Brian, this clarifies a lot!

What I'm assuming is:
- Results Page :: page that lists search results (URL with 'query' parameter)
- view Results Pageview: page you land upon clicking one of the search results (URL without 'query parameter)

If I were to follow the logic / math in the support site, (Results Pageviews / Search) from the test I ran would not be what Analytics interface is actually reporting (overall 1.5 Results Pageviews / Search !).
[Sorry the link to report wasn't working before, i've now FIXED it]

Results Pageviews / Search results in 1,5 only with the calculation I quoted above.

Same for the Search Depth: Analytics interface is actually reporting the absolute # PV hits (with no query parameter) subsequent to a search, and not what by logic / math given in the support site.