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Site Search - Start Page Exit Rates greater than 100%

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Hello all,


The metric "% Search Exits" calculates the percentage of exits that occur following a search result (Search Exits / Total Unique Searches)*. While this appears to work well for search terms, I've noticed that this metric will spit out percentages greater than 100% when viewing by "Start Page," which throws into question how these search metrics are attributed on a page level. 


From my understanding, Total Unique Searches should indicate how many searches occurred from a given page (Start Page). Assuming Search Exits are counted from those same searches, the % search exit should never rise above 100%.


Can someone please explain how these search metrics are attributed to a start page and if what I'm seeing is possible?


Thanks in advance,




*Side note: This link shows the definition as Search Exits / Sessions rather the Total Unique Searches, but when I check the calculations it appears the metric is using Total Unique Searches as the denominator. 



 Search Exit Discrepancy.png


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Re: Site Search - Start Page Exit Rates greater than 100%

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When I see numbers this far out of the normal scope I suspect that it is either a configuration error or a deployment error, can you provide your websites URL so we can look at how the GA code is deployed.