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Setting up a redirect - a double check on Google rules

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Hi all,


This might be a stupid question as I think I already know the answer, but I want to double check anyway.


If a client wants to run an offline ad (e.g. print), I want to tell them to create an easy URL which they can enter e.g. which the team can then apply a 301 redirect to so it goes to a campaign page with utm parameters e.g.

Reason being is that there's no reason to have a special page just for that type of media - I simply want to be able to track the source and medium as magazine title/print so I can segment those customers later on, as opposed to just being under direct.


My question is: is this a good approach or would Google see this as duplicate content and therefore penalise? I'm thinking they wouldn't penalise as I'm not briefing the team to create two pages with duplicate content, but just applying a redirect to a URL. But better to check than give a potentially dangerous recommendation!


Thanks in advance!

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November 2016

Setting up a redirect - a double check on Google rules

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Hi @Nicola S :-)

The redirection sounds correct.

Regarding duplicate content. There is no page, so no duplication of content.



Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Setting up a redirect - a double check on Google rules

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Awesome! I thought as much but wanted to double check with experts - thanks so much, Bronwyn!