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Sessions with Transactions - Enhanced Ecommerce Checkout broken

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The checkouts final metric "Sessions with transactions" on most days is higher then the sessions within the last step of the checkout. At least in one of my accounts.


For example, yesterday:

CHECKOUT_1: 1787 Sessions

CHECKOUT_2: 1011 Sessions

CHECKOUT_3: 600 Sessions

CHECKOUT_4: 461 Sessions

Sessions with Transactions: 521


The conversionrate on the last step is over 100%.


How is sessions with transactions defined? There is no such metric in the Analytics API defined. And I'm not sure whether its a definition error or my funnel is broken.


I tried: 

- find a segment where the positive 100%+ CR happens - none found (Browser, Devices).

- check and debug the funnel

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Sessions with Transactions - Enhanced Ecommerce Checkout broken

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You could check for:


1. Duplicate transactions. Are some users accessing the confirmation page multiple times? E.g. via bookmarks, confirmation email etc. Run a custom report with Dimension = Transaction ID and Metric = Transactions. Transactions should always be 1 for all Transaction IDs


2. Are you sending transactions in any other ways? From a test website that's not excluded in the filter? Via the API?


3. Is it possible for users to skip one or more steps in the checkout?


4. Are you absolutely certain that your checkout funnel is configured correctly?


5. Are users likely to place several orders (i.e. transactions) within a single session?


Sessions with Transactions - Enhanced Ecommerce Checkout broken

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STOP - See Update below

I checked the duplicate transactions (not with custom report but api query Smiley Wink ) and you are right: two transactions per one transactionId (at least a couple there are). However, the metric is called "Sessions with Transactions". If this definition is correct this means the transactions are tracked from different sessions, which makes all of it even more weird.

So I queried all transactionIds, date, hour and minute. The duplicate transactions seem to happen not at the same moment… Somehow the users achieve to track another transaction with the same Id but a little bit later...

Why can't GA combine the very same transaction with same transactionId into one? Its cumbersome to tell clients the sessions with transactions are n-times, when there are easy to identify duplicates in the list...



We are on the wrong track. The duplicate transactionIds are not the reason for the high count of Sessions with Transactions. This is what I see now in a report for 23.10. - 25.10.:


CHECKOUT_4: 1631 Sessions

Sessions With Transactions: 1873


However my query report says there are 2020 unique transactions of a total of 2112 transactionId-rows (with duplicate transaction Ids). So I guess GA is smart and filters the duplicates.




The solution is: there is a parallel checkout app for logged in users which seems to have a bug and only tracks transactions but not steps. 

Sessions with Transactions - Enhanced Ecommerce Checkout broken

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Can you please elaborate how you fixed this?