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Sessions with Multiple Windows and Tabs

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Yes, this is silly but I am having a hard time explaining this to a coworker. Someone suggested to a client that opening internal links in new windows target="_blank" could improve the performance of their website. The content in question is a bunch of text articles. I know this is not best practice, but I am having to provide supporting evidence and documentation to thwart this tom foolery. 


I had hoped to find information on how Google Analytics handles multiple browser tabs/windows, but came up short. Could anyone provide me with some examples or point me at some materials that I could reference?

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June 2016

Re: Sessions with Multiple Windows and Tabs

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Hi Miguel,

What a fantastic way to confuse your visitors! Smiley Happy

GA handles these as the same session. Basically since the clientid is the same in the first party cookie and the session is initiated it pays no attention at all to how the content is delivered either in the same tab or other tabs or windows.

That said, it can screw with TOS calculations. Avinash dived into this a LONG time ago but it's still correct:


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