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Sessions vs pageviews

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Background - We have multiple clients using different versions/instances of our site. We track all use from the clients in a single analytic ID to see what the clients site usage is. Example: Page Path Level 2 contains Client A, Client B, Client C, etc. Page Path Level 3 contains the pages of the site (Welcome, About, Thanks, etc) The first page each user will see from our clients site is the Welcome page. 

I hope this is enough information about my setup. 


My question is - I am trying to obtain the top ten clients by using sessions. But, when I have a report to show me the unique pageviews for the Welcome page (first page entering the site) it does not match the Sessions. The unique pageviews is higher by 2k! 


I am trying to have 1 report with 2 tabs. 1 tab to show the unique pageviews of each page(to see how far the users are going in the clients site) and the second tab to show the total sessions for each client to obtain a top ten client list. 


Any help would be appreciated. 
Thanks in advance!

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November 2016

Sessions vs pageviews

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Hi Bryanna,


Does your landing page report show everyone entering your site via the Welcome page? Are there any use cases where visitors could land on a different page and then navigate to the Welcome page? If so, then those use cases would have increased Unique pageviews for the Welcome page without changing Sessions. 


Unique pageviews tells you how many sessions saw a specific page while Sessions tells you how many sessions started on a specific page, so Unique pageviews should always be equal to or higher than sessions. 




Re: Sessions vs pageviews

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Hi Mike,
I went and checked my landing pages and the welcome page isnt the only
Landing page like I thought.

Thanks for the reply!