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Sessions down, but Page Views Up

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I'm trying to understand why on a site that has had some recent updates, the page view, session duration and bounce rate would improve, but the # of sessions and users would decrease?


275 vs 288
164 vs 199
1,309 vs 847
Pages / Session
4.76 vs 2.94
Avg. Session Duration
00:06:26 vs 00:02:42
Bounce Rate
44.36% vs 52.43%
% New Sessions
52.73% vs 63.54%





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Re: Sessions down, but Page Views Up

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Val it could be that the recently updated site is either causing users to look around more in order to find information (assuming you moved pages around) or that the updates are causing users to explore the site to see what has changed. I see that your New Sessions are down 17.02% how about your Return Sessions are they up. This is not an uncommon occurance when a site is updated users either have problems finding data that the use to be able to find in a heart beat or might have been directly linked to, or the new updates causes them to look around the site and explore to see what is new and get the lay of the land so to speak. Since you dont mention the actual updates that were performed or the time frame being compared(i.e arranged pages differently, moved content, updated look and feel, add additional functionality, etc.) I can only make broad assumptions. But your metrics are not so far out of the ordinary that I would be concerned at this point give your users a month or two to get use to the new updates and see if your numbers come back in line to your normal volume.

Re: Sessions down, but Page Views Up

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This sounds reasonable, I'm probably just jumping the gun. Most of my changes were additional pages and new titles, meta descriptions added to existing pages.