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Session vs. Single Session Users

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I have one basic question - what is a difference among "Session" and "Single Session Users"? 

Is "Single Session Users" user, who interact with my website by only one session and left?


Many thanks for help,



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February 2016

Re: Session vs. Single Session Users

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The 'All Sessions' segment is just the default description that GA gives to the segment that doesn't filter anything out.

'Single Session Users' is segment comprised of all Users who visited your site only once in the time frame that you are reporting on. This is why you see 'returning visitors' in this segment. They've been to your site before, but only once in the time-frame of the report

Re: Session vs. Single Session Users

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Thank you very much, I'm new in GA, so struggling a bit... Smiley Happy

Re: Session vs. Single Session Users

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Do you know why the Users of "All Sessions" is not the same of "Single Session Users"??

Thank you and sorry asking here after a long time.

Re: Session vs. Single Session Users

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I'm assuming you're asking why the counts are different. It's actually pretty self-explanatory if you visualize it. At the most basic level, there are only 3 levels of web metrics:
1. Users
2. Sessions
3. Hits (Pageviews, etc.)

Users generate sessions which contain hits. This relationship creates a very simple mathematical formula for putting the whole thing in context:

Keeping that relationship in mind, visualize a simple example:

During date range X through Y
User A has 2 Sessions
User B has 1 Session
User C has 1 Session

So 3 Users and 4 Sessions in total.
'Users of all sessions' is the same as above since it's like asking for the all the users of all the sessions. No filter, essentially.

'Single Session Users' is different, however. Of the 3 Users that had sessions, only User B and User C had a single session during that time period. I think the key is that Single session users must have one, and only one session, during the time period.

Session vs. Single Session Users

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Hi VarianArray,


Looks like after struggling for few hours you might help m with my question.


I have scenario - a user comes to my site using PPC, seo, PPc, direct and organic but didn't make any purchase and they all were different sessions no will GA count 2 session against PPC and seo and 1 againt direct as source/medium or will it consider 1 session which will be against last that is seo AND what if the visitor made a purchase? How session will be calculated and reported in both cases?


Best Regards,