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Session activity duplicated 3 times a day in a very patterned way. Super puzzling. Anyone else???

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This is a difficult one to even describe, let alone figure out...


I'm noticing (via the User Explorer report) that for random users over random periods of time, the following effect will occur...


...Three times a day (once around midnight, once around 8am, and once around 4pm) the exact same session will get reported.  The session is always just 1 or 2 pages and/or 1 or 2 other activities (an Event firing or a site search or whatever).


For each user, those duplicate/repeat sessions are exactly the same...BUT, the sessions are not the same across all users having this effect.


So, user ABC might have those three sessions a day spanning 8 days, and each of those sessions is a homepage visit and a document download.  But then user XYZ might have their three sessions be over some other period of time spanning only 3 days...and their sessions might just be a visit to our Contact page.


The point is, there is no commonality about WHAT is being reported on in the session, nor is there commonality on the start/end days or the duration of this patterned activity...the only commonalities are:

  • Three times a day (midnight-ish, early morning, mid-afternoon)
  • For each user, the session activity will be the same for the duration of that user's patterned sessions
  • Minimal per-session activity (just 1 or 2 things happening)


Some users have this going on for days, some for weeks.  It's always in a row, so when it starts it will keep going every day, three times a day, until it finally stops, with no breaks in days.  This oftentimes happens with users who have an earlier acquisition date than when this behavior starts (meaning, I don't think it's a bot/scraper because it's hitting the Client ID of a user with prior "real" activity...and in many cases there is more "real" activity after the patterned behavior has stopped).


I understand that this issue is totally insane and confusing, so I kind of don't even expect an answer, but if there's anyone out there who has experienced this, I'd love to hear what you've found.  Thank you!