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Segments and Filters

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I have a question dealing with segments and dimensions and filters.

I am trying to use segments to filter data according to my own custom dimension. But unsucessfully.

I have custom dimensions which categorized my pages to groups (e.g. different categories of pages). Then I make custom report and I want to use conditional segment to see stats about my pages according to groups in my custom dimension. Problem is, that for expample representation of one segment is mixed with pages from different group - pages in one segment is mixed.

I think, that problem is dealing with this two articles (; but I am not sure.

Could you give me a advice how to resolve this problem. Maybe it is in configuration of dimension? Maybe in custom segment settings?


Re: Segments and Filters

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Hi Martin,

Segment will apply at Session/Visits level hence you are getting the discrepancy in your final report.

If my understanding is correct, you are looking for a report with set of pages that belongs to a particular group/dimensions on daily basis.

You can get this by report by a flat table custom report only with the desired dimensions(Page and Custom Dimensions) and desired metrics.

In this report you will see both the dimensions, apply a filter to get the desired group and save it as a shortcut.

Hope this helps.


Re: Segments and Filters

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Thanks for the info Sam! That definitely clarifies segments but as a newbie, the concepts of segments, dimensions, filters, etc. get blurry. I've read all the documentation about what each thing is and isn't but figuring out how they interact, etc. gets confusing. Do you know if there are documents explaining the differences when they're 'in use?' I'd love to see some case studies showing some common ways people are setting up reports!


Re: Segments and Filters

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Hi Scott,

For all the three, you will find only the definitions, you will take some time to get expertise, based on how frequent you are using. Below are the simple definitions.

Filter: These are like simple filters in our day to day usage. These will be applied at Profile/View level mainly. Once data got filtered at view level then there is no way to backup the data.

Dimensions: In short, Dimension is something which is constant throughout the user session, like Browser, Referrer, OS.

Segment: Segments will be created based on Dimensions. Like getting all the session with browser IE and Version 9. This is one of the greatest feature in GA, where we can apply the segment on Historical data as well for analysis.

Yes, as the time passes will get expertise on these and when & where to use.

Don't get carried with these....