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Segmenting in GA UserID view

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Hello! I want to track logged-in users and their subscription type in the UserID view (which is set up with session unification turned on), but  don't know what would be the best way to track these attributes. I've read something about session-scope custom dimensions, but I'm not sure if that's the right way. I think custom dimensions work different than UserID, so numbers wouldn't match? Could someone point the right direction?


Thanks in advance!

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Segmenting in GA UserID view

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You can use a custom dimension for this - the scope depends on how you want to handle the values passed in this custom dimension. In simple terms:


If using the hit scope then the custom dimension is set (or not set) for each hit - so the custom dimension must be set manually for all hits.

If using a session-scope, this can overwrite a previous dimension value set in the current session with an updated value in a later hit.

If using a user-level scope then the custom dimension will apply to all hits in the current session and following sessions.