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Segment new buyer

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Hi all,


I would like to create a segment which contains new buyers. A new buyer is someone how purchased his first order in the current session.


So far I've:

- Added a field to the data layer which contains the number of orders of the current user,

- Added a custom dimension 'total orders' in UA with scope: user

- Added a tag in GTM that pushes the data layer variable to the custom dimension (with every pageview)

- Added a segment in GA with the following properties:

-- (1) Users include 'custom dimension: total orders' = 1

-- (2) Session include 'Transacties = 1'


Using these conditions, no session can be found. However, when I change condition (1) to Users include 'total orders' = 0, session can be found.


I don't understand this, a user-scoped customer dimension is updated with the latest value right?


So if a first-time customer reached the thank-you page, the custom dimension 'total orders' is updated to 1.

How is it possible that customers exists with 'total orders' = 0 and #transacties = 1?


Do you some suggestions how I can create a segment for new buyers?


Thank you!