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Segment: Include users vs. sessions

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Hi everybody,


I am currently working on a segment to drill deeper into my data.


When I change my segment settings from "Filter users include..." to "Filter sessions include...", the preview window on the right hand side increases unexpectedly the number of users and the number of sessions.


I can not understand why the number of users increases, as I would expect that this number stays constant.

Moreover I do not get why the number of sessions rises, as a user based segment should filter more sessions than a session bases segment.

I made these assumptions due to the explanations in the google documentation:


Thank you for your support,



Re: Segment: Include users vs. sessions

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Hi jked,

your understanding is correct, the segment behavior should go exactly as you expect... what you are seeing is strange (at least, to me).

Could you please upload some screenshots of both segment settings with the related sessions and user preview?

A possible explanation that comes into my mind could be the following: the segment preview is based on a sample of sessions, so I think it could happen that when you change the segment option from "Filter users" to "Filter sessions" the data sample used for computing the preview gets changed; in this case, the discrepancy you see could be generated by the sampling error that is part of the previewed numbers for sessions and users.

Does this behavior hold also after you apply the segments, e.g. in the data you see in the Audience --> Overview report?


Segment: Include users vs. sessions

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I have the same issue here too. I assume if I filter by users, the users number o the right should always be higher than or the same with when I filter by sessions. Is there anybody know why sometimes filter by sessions gets more users than filter by users?