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Search Engine Optimization Queries Issue

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Hello guys,


Maybe someone can help me...

I always used Google Analytics for a few years, but now I'm getting a strange issue that I never had before. This happened when I moved my website to a wordpress site. The difference in urls is that the old one had www. in urls and the new one don't have www. But I changed my url in my analytics settings as you can see below.



Everything seems to work fine, as you can see here:


Except the Queries from Search Engine Optimization that appears empty and dont know why:

I know that I'm receiving traffic from google search, but is not appearing here...

In google webmaster tools seems to work fine:


What is missing?


I dont see my google analytics code in my website source code, but probably is well installed because the rest of stats is working...


Can someone help me? Thanks!



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Re: Search Engine Optimization Queries Issue

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Hi Luis,

there are currently major issues with Google Search Console data import in Analytics - most people don't see any data since Nov, 5. Maybe related to that.


Re: Search Engine Optimization Queries Issue

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Hey Christoph, thank you for your reply.

You said that is an issue since Nov, 5, but I have this problem since 21, Oct, the day I launched the new wordpress site.
Could be any config that I am missing when I changed my new url without www?
Any ideas?

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Re: Search Engine Optimization Queries Issue

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Yes, that's right. The domain given in the View settings is just for linking out in page reports. If you changed your domain to the one without www you'd usually have to create another Google Search Console Property for that. After that, you can unlink the www domain in your Analytics Admin > Property Settings > Adjust Search Console, and link the new one instead. Be aware of the general after-Nov5 issue nevertheless but that's another story.

Re: Search Engine Optimization Queries Issue

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Yeahhh, is now working! Smiley Happy
Thank you my friend!

I only see stats until Nov, 5 like you said, but now I know that is a google problem.

Thanks once again Smiley Happy

Re: Search Engine Optimization Queries Issue

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Glad to hear!

Re: Search Engine Optimization Queries Issue

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hey I am getting a similar issue - no data is showing at all in the Acquisition > Search Engine Queries - I am sure it used to be there (I know as I have exported reports) ..I am getting other data but why could it have changed in this respect?

I have recently launched a new site at this domain which is ecommerce and have set it up as such.Any thoughts would be much appreciated!