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Sampled Data

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When Google Analytics samples data do they pick a random percentage to sample at different times?


I have created an advanced segment and the report is based on a sample of 79.32% of sessions. If I were to look at this report in say a month's time, would this same sample size (79.32%) still be used. Or would Google Analytics use another random figure?


Thanks in advance.





Re: Sampled Data

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Hi Anna,


Sampling occurs when a report generates data from more than 50,000 sessions. This normally happens when you apply segments or secondary dimensions because it has to retrieve the data from other tables. So in the case of your question, it would depend on how much data will be in the report in a months time. If the amount of data increases (e.g. a larger date range) then the sample size will be smaller. 


A little known trick to help with sampling is to increase the sample size using the option in the screenshot below. This report generates a bit slower, but gives you a bigger sample size



Hope that helps,



Re: Sampled Data

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Sorry I have question about the Data Sampling? I want to know whether My understanding is correct or not. For example new client he is willing to do

GA i don't know how many daily visitor or monthly visitor to the site. Is the data sampling help me to figure it out. and also it will help me to suggested

them to choose the Premium or not

2. Question is

I want to know is the data sampling occur only the no of visitor is high ? also data sampling data is not accurate the visitor is higher than threshold value of GA standard.

What is the use of Data Sampling ?

Please answer to question