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Sample size issues

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Hi, all! I just started having an issue with sample size, and was hoping someone could help me out.


I was in the All Pages report, and had gradually drilled down to analyze one page of my site. For both the All Pages report and the specific page drilldown, the noted sample size was 100% (this option has always been set at "Greater Precision"). But then, I added the "Device Category" dimension to the page drilldown--GA still shows that the report was set to "Greater Precision," but the sample size had decreased to 1.24%!


I looked at the exact same page analytics yesterday. I can't remember what the sample size was, but the data is definitely different. What's even stranger is that I'm not working with a lot of data--a single month's worth. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Sample size issues

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Yes, this is how ad-hoc reports work (for details - - I'm betting you get the same sample precentage no matter what your second dimension is.  The query size is the same no matter what your drill-down is.

A common workaround is to export your site data via the Google Analytics Fore Reporting API and run your queries on the exported data. If your daily export falls below quota limits (it probably does) you can dump the data into your favorite database and drill-down 


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