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Rolling Up Data for Multiple Businesses into 1 Report

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Hi Google Family,


We own a number of businesses and currently we can only drill down to see a specific GA account.  We can't see how they all perform together as one.    


Can we do a roll-up as well and see everything from a holistic POV?  How do we see how it looks with all the sites rolled up under one in order to see a year over year comparison?  Do we need to add a new tag to each page or can we just create a roll-up report that brings in all the sites under one roof?  Thoughts?  


Does that make sense?  


Thanks for your help.


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Re: Rolling Up Data for Multiple Businesses into 1 Report

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Hi, Mark,

That's a good question. The best way (and possibly the only way, unless you are Premium users) is to include a second tracking code on each page (well, more like EVERY page). Best if this is done through GTM. You would need to have created a "rollup property" that collects data for all your sites, and also include appropriate filters to discern your traffic sources (ie. use a hostname prepend filter). Then you would be able to use this second property implemented on all your pages of all the sites you want to collect data for.

As I mentioned, unless you are Premium users, then you won't be able to automagically roll-up properties.

Hope this helps.
Nicky Yuen, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: Rolling Up Data for Multiple Businesses into 1 Report

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It does help! Thanks for spelling it out. Now I need to talk with the team about implementing. Smiley Happy

Re: Rolling Up Data for Multiple Businesses into 1 Report

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Hi Nicky,

A few more questions have come up on this end. Hopefully, you can help me! Smiley Happy

We have over 50 different business websites. Is there an example of this secondary tag that you could provide? I don't have one. I think we would just create another Google Account, but I’m now seeing a potential problem when I go to add a new account and it asks for the website URL. Could be an issue, right? Thoughts?

Would it be the same tag for an entire site (so, every page on our business website would get the exact same secondary tag)? Or would different pages – home page, directory, events, sales, sale details, etc – get different tags?

Are there going to be unique tags for every website? Or just unique tags for each rollup they want? So, would all the Arizona businesses (for example) get the same secondary tag since they’re part of the same rollup?

Let me know if you have comments/feedback. Appreciate the help!

Talk soon,

Re: Rolling Up Data for Multiple Businesses into 1 Report

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Macerich we do this as a best practice, we have many websites and individuals are responsible for data across all of them and they wanted to see how their resources were doing in one report. What we did was create multiple accounts and then had all the different areas of the websites report back to very specific accounts, it took awhile to map out and implement and data only starts collecting on the day you implement but over the course of 8 years or more it paid off. Below is an example of what we did let me know if you have any questions. The example below as been edited to hide my information but it gives an example of executing three analytics code when a page loads. The first is Site specific and is different on each of our websites. The second is our Section Level 1 Rollup on the specific site, and the third is the RollUp across all our sites. This gives me the ability to see how the entire website is doing, how a specific set of pages on that website is doing and then RollUp all the data across all sites to see how they are doing as a whole.

<!-- Analytics Base Code -->
<!-- Section 1 Specific Code -->
<!-- Section 1 Roll Up Code -->
(i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),

ga('create', 'UA-12345678-1', '');
ga('create', 'UA-87654321-1', '', {'name': 'SiteBase'});
ga('create', 'UA-10102020-1', '', {'name': 'RollUp'});
ga('require', 'linkid', 'linkid.js');
ga('require', 'displayfeatures');
ga('send', 'pageview');
ga('SiteBase.send', 'pageview');
ga('RollUp.send', 'pageview');
<!-- End Analytics -->