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Restarts as new sessions

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Our web app primarily resides in a Kiosk. Unfortunately, the Kiosk itself restarts after 30 minutes of inactivity, wherein which it reloads our "marketing" page. We're afraid that this is inflating our marketing page views /unique page views numbers. Is this the case? Is there anyway to segment out these restarts?  Im working on tracking certain types of interactions (clicks, scrolls, mouse moments) as events unique to sessions, and using that as a "fudged" number, but that will take some development effort. Is there any other way to get a better idea of what these values would actually be for user initiated interactions?  

Re: Restarts as new sessions

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So it's a physical kiosk? How do you know when a new session starts now? It's just a bit hard to imagine how you're going about this.

From GA perspective, a user is just a machine. If many different people use the same machine, it's still just one user from a GA perspective. If one person uses the app at the kiosk, closes it, and then another person launches the app within 30 min (GA rule, nothing to do with the kiosk), it's going to be the same session anyway. So how do you actually know when a new user initiates a new 'session'? Is the movement through the app linear, so that any pageview on the marketing page must be a new session?

Just trying to get an idea...